Let’s get straight to the point: we at Hope’s really care about our school kids. To provide them with nutrient-rich meals in order to design a healthy and balanced diet, it is necessary to prepare the dishes with care and dedication, but above all, it is necessary to choose the best ingredients with love. Here at Hope’s we use only the freshest and most genuine ingredients from local suppliers. We also prefer seasonal products to avoid preservatives and antioxidants and to favor the nutritional properties of the ingredients.

First things first:
first-quality products

Product quality is something we really care about. Our kids’s parents can be sure that to make the dish their children are enjoying today, only the highest quality products have been used, without exception.


The staff, the equipment, the places and the preparations that we use here at Hope’s are all subjected to strict and periodic checks to always be in line with American and Californian quality standards. These awards demonstrate that our philosophy and mindset are supported by nationally recognized facts. Here are just some of our certifications:
  • Health permit by Los Angeles County
  • Health permit by San Bernardino County
  • Certified professional food manager
  • Accredited by the food safety
  • Accredited by ANSI
  • Food handlers license
  • CPR certificate
  • Peanut Free Company


For any questions or requests,
we are here to listen