Hope's Menu Items

We at Hope’s strive every day to study every single dish in order to propose a menu as varied and nutritionally proportioned. The goal is to design a healthy diet for children that includes fresh and seasonal foods, without sacrificing the taste and fun typical of our cuisine. Because food is a different way to say love.

Spaghetti with Fresh Meatsauce |  Green Beans | Garlic Bread
535 Calories

Spaghetti & Meatballs | Green Beans | Garlic Bread
635 Calories

Delicious Alfredo Pasta | Green Beans | Garlic Bread
521 Calories

Italian Butter Pasta | Green Beans | Garlic Bread
507 Calories

Mac ‘n’ Cheese | Green Beans | Garlic Bread
517 Calories

Ground Turkey Burrito | Corn | Tater Tots
726 Calories

Chicken Burrito | Tater Tots | Corn
716 Calories

Crispy Chicken Sandwich | French Fries | Fresh Fruit
555 Calories

Dino Nuggets | Corn | Tater Tots
509 Calories

Orange Chicken | Pot-stickers | Steamed Broccoli
530 Calories

Beef Bulgogi | Steamed Rice | Pot Steamed Broccoli
553 Calories

Chicken Teriyaki | Steamed Rice | Pot-stickers | Steamed Broccoli
503 Calories

Honey Sesame Chicken | Pot-stickers | Steamed Broccoli
525 Calories

Chicken Nuggets | French Fries | Fresh Fruit
585 Calories

Cheeseburger | French Fries | Fresh Fruit
666 Calories

Hot Dog | French Fries | Fresh Fruit
412 Calories

Corn Dog | French Fries | Fresh Fruit
492 Calories

Pizza | Caesar Salad | Chips
540 Calories

Chicken Caesar Salad | French Fries | Fresh Fruit
527 Calories

Chicken Tenders | Ranch Sauce | French Fries | Fresh Fruit
495 Calories


We are what we eat. A good health is made of the food we eat everyday. That’s why we only use the highest quality food. A healthy alimentary regimen helps strenghtening the body and providing the daily energy for the organism. Here at Hope’s Italian Catering we carefully choose each and every ingredient composing the dishes for our costumers. Buon appetito!

Our food is fresh and homemade​

We are a Peanut Free company

For any questions or requests,
we are here to listen