St. Frances of Rome

The mission of St. Frances of Rome School is to build a community in which God is the center of our lives. Parents and teachers work as partners to create a secure, nurturing and loving environment that allows students to explore and develop their God-given talents and excel in all aspects of life. We are committed towards the formation of culturally aware persons of faith who respect the dignity of all life. Our hope is that our students will grow to become followers of the Gospel message of Jesus who are compassionate and contributing global citizens. St. Frances of Rome Catholic School is an academic community whose well-rounded curriculum is permeated by Catholic faith and Gospel values. We assist and enable parents to fulfill their role as primary educators of their children as they develop their intellectual abilities, critical thinking, moral decision-making, and their personal relationship with God. We awaken in our students an enthusiasm for lifelong learning and an ambition to achieve academic excellence and to lead a well-balanced life. We challenge our students to answer God’s call by instilling in them the value of social responsibility. We inspire students to be global citizens who serve others while working for justice and peace in our multicultural society. We foster a spiritual life by giving each student opportunities to practice Christian values in our school community, which leads them to be active participants in both Church and society.

Hope's & St. Frances of Rome
are now partners

March 2024 Menu


Monday 4th

spaghetti with meatsauce | sauteed green beans and dinner rolls

Tuesday 5th

Chicken Cali Burrito | Corn and Tater Tots

Wednesday 6th

orange chicken with steamed rice | pot-stickers and steamed broccoli

Thursday 7th


Friday 8th

pizza offered by school

Monday 11th

chicken alfredo pasta | sauteed green beans and garlic bread

Tuesday 12th

Chicken Burrito Bowl | Corn and Tater Tots

Wednesday 13th

chicken teriyaki with steamed rice | pot-stickers and steamed broccoli

Thursday 14th


Friday 15th

st- patrick day: PIZZA OFFERED BY SCHOOL

Monday 18th

spaghetti with meatballs |  sauteed green beans and dinner rolls

Tuesday 19th

Smash Burger | French fries and fresh fruit

Wednesday 20th

Chicken Chow Mein | Pot-stickers and steamed broccoli

Thursday 21st


Friday 22nd

pizza offered by school

Monday 25th

Homemade Lasagna | Sautéed Green Beans and Dinner Rolls

Tuesday 26th

Crispy Chicken tenders | Sweet corn and Tater Tots

Wednesday 27th

chicken fried rice | pot-stickers and steamed broccoli

Thursday 28th


Friday 29th

pizza offered by school

Our food is fresh and homemade​. We are a Peanut Free company​

Sub Menu

On any given day you may choose to substitute the main course with a sub- menu listed below.
All the substitutions come with chips and fresh fruit.

SUB #1

Chicken Nuggets | French Fries | Fresh Fruit
585 Calories

SUB #2

Butter Pasta | Sauteéd green beans and garlic bread
412 Calories

SUB #3

Jumbo Hot Dog | French Fries | Fresh Fruit
412 Calories

SUB #4

Chicken Caesar Salad | French Fries | Fresh Fruit
527 Calories

SUB #5

Hope’s Famous Cheeseburger | French Fries | Fresh Fruit
666 Calories


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We accept the following payment methods:
Zelle 9094137305 / RHP group, LLC I Check RHP group, LLC I Venmo

SMALL $6.00 | MEDIUM $7.00 | LARGE $8.00

For same day ordering please email us at hopesitaliancatering@gmail.com
or call (909) 413 – 7305. You will be charged $1.50 extra for same day ordering. We advise all parents to set up an online account to order lunch.