just like a Family

The family is a group of people who have a daily relationship of exchange, growth and love. This is Hope’s Italian Catering. Our mentality is aimed at synergistic teamwork in respect and admiration of others. Hope’s people take care of each other and this makes our work always enjoyable and stimulating. The care we put into preparing meals for school kids is the same we would put for our children or nieces, which is why within the L.A. community we are loved. Because life is all about receiving what you give.

The strenght of Hope’s is the relationship based on reciprocal trust with parents, schools & providers.

The family relationship that Hope’s employees live in is fantastic. But it doesn’t stop at the borders of our company. We treat our partners, our schools, our kids and our suppliers as members of our family. And this is Hope’s strength. The network of relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Hope’s would be nothing without its partners and that’s why we take care of them. If there’s a problem, there’s no problem if there’s Hope’s.


Be part of the family

We really care about our partners. Just like we care about our food. They’re a family for us. Building a relationship of reciprocal trust is essential for our business.

Why don’t we just have a talk about it?

Primary phone (909)313-6207

Secondary phone (909)413-7305

Email info@hopesitaliancatering.com

Address Los Angeles, CA

Focused on
the customers

Okay, it’s been a nice speech, but to show that we really care, it takes facts. In addition to the best cuisine, we pride ourselves on having an excellent customer service. Our partners, schools and parents, can contact us by phone, chat on the website or by email and Hope’s will always be there to answer all requests.

CEOs Roberta Hope D’Angelo | Francesco Pisciotta

Primary phone (909)313-6207

Primary phone (909)313-6207

Secondary phone (909)413-7305

Email info@hopesitaliancatering.com

Address Los Angeles, CA


Our meals are portioned according to the different grades from preschool to high school.

Usually we can start a new service with a 30-day notice.

Both parts of the contract can ask for early termination with a 30-day notice period.

50 meals is the minimum number of lunches required to start a new service.

We require a Monday-Friday schedule (holidays excluded) for all services.

Our services provide breakfast and lunch. Caterings might be provided upon request.

All of our staff must be cleared from a background check.

 Yes, we also might provide delivery services with a private vehicle.