Top 5 favorite plate of L.A. students

When I see a line in the hall of the school, I smile because I know exactly that same line is going through the cafeteria of the school at lunchtime. I’d like to think that the kids love any items on our menu, but I know that they have their favorite plates. To start I would like to talk about our Spaghetti with Meatballs: simple ingredients, homemade meatballs with fresh ground beef 90/10, a tasty and delicious meat sauce, and spaghetti o penne pasta straight from Italy.

Second, I would like to talk about our orange chicken, a plate that has Chinese roots but that our chef love cooking. Breaded boneless chicken chunks, orange sauce, steamed rice, sesame seeds, and magic is served.

Third, I would like to present our cheeseburger: Fresh Angus beef patties, Soft fresh baked buns, and a slice of American cheese. If you ask the kids at school they only want to eat hamburgers from our cafeteria, no fast food can make them happy anymore.

Last I really do not have enough words to describe our fettuccine alfredo. I’m sorry but the recipe of the sauce is a family secret and I can not share it. I will only give you just a few secret ingredients: Love and a lot of parmesan and pecorino cheese.